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A documentary exploring the origins and history of the iconic and historic Improv comedy group The Trans4merz; whose esteemed members have won emmy awards for writing and performing including Lisa Kudrow, Jonathan Stark, Harry Hannigan, Ted Michaels, Jay Kogen, Chris Ellis, Scott Wainio, Mike Castagnola, John Frink, and many guests including, Conan O'Brien, Cynthia Stevenson, Annie Sertich and more.  

This documentary will give an irreverant look at some pretty irreverent people who have been responsible for making us laugh for over 30 years.

Dedicated to Mike Castagnola an original founding member and Trans4merZ historian.

Most recent show

The Candidate


Widowers Club

Previous show

Stepping on Sponges

Woodpecker Mating

The Civil/Indian War

Historical Videos

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